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Cardholder FAQ's

What is the Co-op Connections® Card?
It is a membership discount card that provides Central Electric members with discounts at participating local and national businesses. The hard plastic card is similar in appearance to a credit or debit card. Unlike those cards, it is simply shown – not swiped at a register.
How does it work?
When you show the Co-op Connections® Card at any participating business, you receive a discount determined by the business owner. It's that easy!
What types of discounts are available?
A wide variety of discounts are offered. To name a few: automotive, entertainment, florists, health/beauty, healthcare, home care, lodging, medical, photography, restaurants, pharmacy, retail services.
Where can I find a list of discounts?
View our local list here or view all discounts through the national site using an advanced search. Find pharmacy discounts or healthy savings. View prescription prices. To find discounts on-the-go, download the Co-op Connections® app* for iPhone or Android.
*Once downloaded, the app prompts you to select your co-op. Make sure you select Central Electric. This setting cannot be changed.
Where can I use this card?
Anywhere Co-op Connections® Cards are taken. You'll see a Co-op Connections sticker in the window or on the cash register of our participating businesses. Nearly 400 cooperatives across 45 states participate, and the list grows daily. Benefits are national, so your card can also be used in other states while you're on vacation!
How does the pharmacy discount work?
More than 60,000 locally-owned pharmacies and national chains like Wal-Mart®, Rite-Aid®, CVS®, Walgreen’s® and Kroger® participate in the program. Show this card at checkout and save 10-60 percent on prescription medications (includes short-term and acute care medications such as antibiotics and pain killers). Note: Pharmacy discounts are not insurance, and are not intended as a substitute for insurance.
How are these pharmacy discounts different from traditional prescription insurance?
Co-op Connections is not insurance; it simply provides immediate discounts at participating pharmacies. There is no paperwork to fill out and no limit to the number of times you can use the card. Upon presenting your card to the pharmacist, you will pay the lower of the contracted discount card price or the pharmacy’s regular retail price. Note that some drugs will be priced as loss leaders by a pharmacy and will be below the national, discounted price. Either way, you get the best deal available.
Does everyone in my family need an individual card?
No. One card may be used by the entire family.
Why is Central Electric offering this program to members?
The Co-op Connections program is included in Central Electric's membership in Touchstone Energy®, a cooperative made up of hundreds of other electric co-ops just like us from across the nation. Because of our size, we are able to achieve great economies of scale.
Does Central Electric financially benefit from this card?
No. Central Electric members benefit from using the card, but Central Electric does not receive any money for promoting this program to its members.
Why is this called the Co-op Connections program?
Because co-ops throughout the nation are working together to bring value to co-op members and help participating local businesses.
When does the card expire?
The card doesn’t expire! As long as businesses opt to participate, your card will be effective. Businesses have the option to cancel their offer at any time. We make every effort to notify members of cancelations by updating our online list.
I've lost my card. How can I get a replacement?
  • Download a Co-op Connections Card printout
  • Download the free Co-op Connections app* for Android or iPhone
  • Request a card to be mailed to you
*Once downloaded, the app prompts you to select your co-op. Make sure you select Central Electric. This setting cannot be changed.
What is that account number on the back?
The member number listed on the card simply identifies you as a member of the Central Electric Co-op Connections® Card Pharmacy Discount Program. It is NOT your electric account number.
What is the group and member number for the Healthy Savings Program?
Group number: 2203SD01
Member number: 142407524
I frequently shop at businesses that are not on the list. Can I get them to participate?
Mention the program to your local business and tell them to call Central Electric if they are interested. You may also contact Central Electric if there is a business you feel should be a part of the program.
As a business, how do I join?
Sign up here or visit our Business Benefits FAQ's for more information.
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